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Tranquilitea Loose Leaf Tea Company

About Us

Our mission is to bring our customers the highest and most delicious quality tea we can provide, while giving them their own personalized Bohemian experience. Our Tranquilitea team is dedicated to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our product and their experience. 

Our Mission Statement

About The Owner

Tranquilitea Loose Leaf Tea Company

When I was younger, I always wanted to own my own business. Growing up in a household that was run by a former Marine and self-made entrepreneur like my dad was a big influence on that idea. 


Tea came into my life when I applied to be a manager at a tea shop in Greenville, SC. I loved every detail about that job, from it's fun atmosphere and to the delicious teas I was surrounded by on a daily basis. I myself drank between 4-5 cups a day... and still do! There came the day when I heard my awesome job was closing. I was devastated because I had found something I was truly passionate about, and didn't want it to end. I refused to give up on this amazing drink and all the wonders it had brought into my life. So I began to channel my passion into the one thing I knew, tea! One year later, TranquiliTea Company was born! 

- Mary Roberts, Owner      

About The Designer

Hi I'm Garrett Agnew! I am a full-time student at Clemson University, currently working on a Masters Degree in Graphic Communications. When I am not working on my degree I am a Junior Graphic Designer for a local advertising firm and also here at Tranquilitea Company!

Now you're probably wondering how I began working for Tranquilitea Company? Mary Roberts is actually my aunt! She had this idea for a business she would truly love and by the time she started her business plan, I had begun my career in design. I personally had never tried loose leaf tea before and Mary decided she wanted to introduce me to her world and ever since, I have had a love for it! After a few years we decided to combine the two things we love the most, design and loose leaf tea! Now here we are a year later, sharing our passions with you. I truly hope you love your experience and Loose Leaf Tea!

- Garrett Agnew, Designer      

Tranquilitea Loose Leaf Tea Company
Tranquilitea Loose Leaf Tea Company
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