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The Tea Plant - A Short History Lesson

Tea is produced from the plant, camellia sinensis, and this plant thrives in China, Tibet, India, and Japan. It grows to a maximum height of 9 -15 feet tall while producing its 2 inch long leaves for up to 100 years. It can survive in very cold temperatures as well.

Another member of the tea producing family is the camellia assamica, a tree that produces leaves between 6 -14 inches in length. It can grow to heights between 45 - 60 feet tall while producing useful leaves for around 40 years. It thrives in tropical climates and is grown in India, Southern China, and Sri Lanka.

The most conducive climate for growing tea plants is hot and humid with temperatures falling between 50 - 85 F with rainfall between 80 - 90 inches. The best elevation for these plants is between 1,000 - 7,000 feet above sea level. This combination of altitude and humidity slows the growth of the plant which is most desirable for tea production. An increase in elevation allows for a better and more flavorful quality of tea.

And now you know a few fun facts about the Tea Plant!

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