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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea


100% pure USDA organic Matcha, each batch of Matcha is lab tested for purity. Our organic Matcha is a fine stone-ground green tea powder - rich in antioxidants with a strong, noble aroma, and a lingering sweet umami that leaves your mouth watering. Matcha provides a focused, mellow energy boost without jitters or the crash you normally expect from coffee. Great for in the morning or needing a boost during the day! Can be made into delicious Matcha Tea, Matcha Tea Lattes, smoothies, and you can even bake it in goodies.


1.10oz (35g) = 30 servings


1/2-1 tsp per 8oz • 175 water temp

Wisk or froth the Matcha till its smooth.

  • To make a Matcha Latte:

    • Gently heat your 8oz of water to 175
    • Put 1/2 tsp of matcha in the hot water
    • Whisk matcha & hot water together (smooth and bubbly looking)
    • Add your favorite type of milk (if you like sweetener in your latte add it here) froth everything together for about a minute or two
    • Drink hot or drop over ice!

    Now you can enjoy a delicious Matcha Latte at home!!

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